[Telecentres] Going forward

Gáspár Mátyás gaspar.matyas at axelero.hu
Mon Sep 27 16:01:38 BST 2004

Dear All, 
I stongrly support Don's approache. Our strenght is our growing
world-wide telecentre network serving local communities, the local
information societies.  
Matyas Gaspar
European Union of Telecottage Associations
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By coordinating representation to WSIS do we potentially place ourselves
in danger of being perceived as just another extraneous group of service
providers of no real importance? - a group of fragmented individuals
offering nothing more than input to be evaluated by what is in truth a
rather insignificant and little known about process?
My thoughts on this may not be shared by all, but to me Telecentre's are
the Information Society - We are the ones at the fore of poverty
alleviation through ICT's; we are the ones providing education, a voice
and opportunity to the worlds impoverished masses through access to
skills and ICT's. We are also the providers most closely linked to
communities, business and governments through affiliation, the services
we offer and the very nature of thousands of physical points of access
dispersed throughout the globe. Many of us are funded by government,
industry and community. Our depth and spread far exceeds that of WSIS,
our voice extends well beyond the limited representation offered by
Rather than focusing on a few individuals providing input into WSIS,
should we not be recommending en-masse that if WSIS truly intends to
achieve relevance, should it not extend itself beyond the anonymity of a
few physical conference venues by utilizing the Telecentre movement to
actually join the information society? We do not need to present to
WSIS, there is little to be gained. however WSIS does need us if it ever
intends to become more than just another closed-door bureaucratic
think-tank offering nothing of value.
Perhaps we could discuss how we can best help WSIS - as a process it
does offer some value however it clearly needs to extend itself if the
desired outcomes are ever to be realized. 
Rgds, Don 
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