[Telecentres] Robinson contribution

Scott Robinson ssr at laneta.apc.org
Mon Sep 27 09:03:18 BST 2004

Telecentres list colleagues:

Given recent comments by Don, Florence, Arun and others before, plus
the fact there is such a wealth of experience concerning the real work of
Telecentres on this list, I suggest one of the main things that is lacking
within WSIS is the voice of the grassroots with most of those participating
speaking for other people's experiences rather than from their own.

Therefore, may I suggest that we adopt as a rule that our representation
in WSIS II consist of those with direct and on-going experience of the real
activity of Telecentres in a Development context (which could include both
in LDC's and in Development contexts within Developed Countries.

We seem to have a wealth of such talent on this list and by choosing this
route we can defuse some of the issues linked to "representation".

Scott Robinson
Mexico DF
Vinculart A.C.
somos at telecentros  www.tele-centros.org

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