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I think this would be a productive step; by all means, Elizabeth, please 
feel free to take a crack at drafting this paragraph.

I think it's important for us to show that telecentres go beyond 
offering ICT infrastructure -- that they can be a place of learning, 
civic engagement, public health information (like the NEPAD e-school 
model), etc. I wonder, though, if all of the content and themes areas 
currently within the WSIS CS framework can be tied to telecentre 
activities. I'm sure a lot of them can; but all of them? Is it 
necessary, for the sake of political expediency, to get all of them 
included, or would this seem like we're simply creating a laundry list, 
or trying to force the current CS content and themes framework into a 
telecentres statement? (Also, if and when the CS bureau is restructured, 
wouldn't this impact the list of content and themes areas?)

I don't have a strong feeling either way on this, but it seems we'd want 
to be able to back up our vision with real-world examples of how 
telecentres can play a role in certain theme areas rather than create a 
universal field theory with telecentres tying all the various strings 


Elizabeth Carll, PhD wrote:
> Dear Toby, Andy and all,
> I think Toby's suggestion is an excellent idea.  I would also propose
> further expanding it.  Telecentres can be viewed as providing access to all
> content areas and therefore would likely have the support of all of the WSIS
> caucuses and working groups.
> It may be useful to consider writing a paragraph which describes the need
> for ICT accessibility to all of the areas represented within CS WSIS and the
> integral role of telecentres in implementing the WSIS Action Plan.  The
> paragraph should list all the content and theme areas.  By listing all of
> the content and theme areas, we can continue to build on these areas in WSIS
> II and beyond, as it is not possible to open up the Declaration and Plan of
> Action of WSIS Geneva.
> We should then have all of the CS representatives lobby for inclusion of
> this important paragraph in the outcome document(s) of  WSIS Tunis.  Since
> WSIS needs to be people centered, any document must list the important
> content applications necessary to advance the global community, as opposed
> to solely being  focused on Internet governance and funding.
> I would be happy to draft this paragraph and work with those in this group
> who will be drafting a position paper/statement.
> Elizabeth
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> I agree with Andy's organising document, so with relation to the organising
> point:
> "Research, identify and propose specific telecentre-related activities that
> civil society can develop to help implement the WSIS plan of action."
> Further to the WSIS plan of action (which does not mention telecentres it
> seems?) I found this paragraph interesting. This perhaps presents something
> simple and practical we could help the WSIS with:
> E) 28) a) In cooperation with each country concerned, develop and launch a
> composite ICT Development (Digital
> Opportunity) Index. It could be published annually, or every two years, in
> an ICT Development Report. The
> index could show the statistics while the report would present analytical
> work on policies and their
> implementation, depending on national circumstances, including gender
> analysis.
> Perhaps we should suggest to WSIS to include some indicator related
> specifically to telecentres and use in this ICT Development Report?
> For telecentre networks this would be a benefit as it would ensure that
> figures on telecentre uptake and expansion is included in country WSIS
> national e-strategies.
> I guess the difficult part is working out what the indicator should be and
> how to get the data? Any ideas?
> ---------FR
> Je suis d'accord avec le document de l'organisation d'Andy, ainsi en ce qui
> concerne le point d'organisation:  la "recherche, identifient et proposent
> les activités telecentre-connexes spécifiques que la société civile peut
> développer pour aider à mettre en application le plan d'action de WSIS."
> Suite au plan d'action de WSIS (qui ne mentionne pas des telecentres qu'il
> semble?)  J'ai trouvé cet intéresser de paragraphe.  Ceci peut-être présente
> quelque chose de simple et pratique nous pourrions aider le WSIS avec:  E)
> 28) a) en coopération avec chaque pays concerné, développent et lancent un
> index composé de développement d'cIct (occasion de Numérique).  Il pourrait
> être édité annuellement, ou tous les deux ans, dans un rapport de
> développement d'cIct.  L'index pourrait montrer les statistiques tandis que
> le rapport présenterait le travail analytiques sur des politiques et leur
> exécution, selon des circonstances nationales, y compris l'analyse de genre.
> Peut-être nous devrions suggérer à WSIS au d'inclure un certain indicateur
> lié spécifiquement aux aux telecentres et utilisation dans ce rapport de
> développement d'cIct?  Pour des réseaux de telecentre ce serait un avantage
> car il s'assurerait que des figures sur la prise et l'expansion de
> telecentre est incluses dans des e-stratégies de national du pays WSIS.  Je
> devine que la partie difficile établit ce qu'être l'indicateur devrait et
> comment obtenir les données?  Des idées?
> ----------ES
> Convengo con el documento de la organización de Andy, tan en relación al
> punto de la organización:  la "investigación, identifica y propone las
> actividades telecentre-relacionadas específicas que la sociedad civil puede
> desarrollar para ayudar a poner el plan de WSIS en ejecucio'n de la acción."
> Siguiendo el plan de WSIS de la acción (que no menciona telecentres que se
> parece?)  Encontré este interesar del párrafo.  Esto quizás presenta algo
> simple y práctico podríamos ayudar al WSIS con:  E) 28) a) en la cooperación
> con cada país referido, desarrolla y lanza un índice compuesto del
> desarrollo de ICT (oportunidad Digital).  Podría ser publicado anualmente, o
> cada dos años, en un informe del desarrollo de ICT.  El índice podría
> demostrar la estadística mientras que el informe presentaría el trabajo
> analítico sobre políticas y su puesta en práctica, dependiendo de
> circunstancias nacionales, incluyendo análisis del género.  ¿Quizás debemos
> sugerir a WSIS para incluir algún indicador relacionado específicamente con
> los telecentres y el uso en este informe del desarrollo de ICT?  Para las
> redes del telecentre esto sería una ventaja pues se aseguraría de que las
> figuras en uptake y la extensión del telecentre estén incluidas en
> e-estrategias del nacional del país WSIS.  ¿Conjeturo que la parte difícil
> está resolviendo lo que debe ser el indicador y cómo conseguir los datos?
> ¿Ideas?
> Andy Carvin wrote:
> Hi Toby,
> Yes, there are several documents/websites that I think we should all visit.
> Here are some relevant links.
> WSIS homepage
> (English,  français, español, Arabiya, Putonghua, Russkiy)
> http://www.itu.int/wsis/
> WSIS Declaration of Principles and the Plan of Action, PDF and MS Word
> (Also in English,  français, español, Arabiya, Putonghua, Russkiy)
> http://www.itu.int/wsis/documents/doc_multi.asp?lang=en&id=1161|1160
> WSIS Civil Society Homepage (English)
> http://www.wsis-cs.org/
> Civil Society Working Groups  (English)
> http://www.wsis-cs.org/caucuses.html
> (Our group will be added soon.)
> WSIS Civil Society Portal from the Heinrich Boll Foundation (English,
> German)
> http://www.worldsummit2005.org
> Toby Beresford wrote:
> If our role is to represent telecentre interest to WSIS then I guess that
> makes the key question for us to be: *In what ways will WSIS affect
> telecentre projects?*   Does WSIS have any specific proposals / minutes /
> process / direction papers / web information etc. that this group could then
> consider and feed back on?
> Si notre rôle est de représenter l'intérêt de telecentre à WSIS puis je
> devinez qui fait le principal interroger pour nous pour être:  *De quelles
> manières WSIS affectera-t-il des projets de telecentre?*  WSIS a-t-il
> propositions/minutes spécifiques/papiers de processus/direction/information
> etc. d'enchaînement sur laquelle ce groupe pourrait alors considérer et
> rétroagir?
> Si nuestro papel es representar interés del telecentre a WSIS entonces yo
> conjeture que haga que el dominante pregunta para nosotros para ser:  ¿*De
> qué maneras WSIS afectará proyectos del telecentre?*  ¿cWsis tiene
> ofertas/minutos específicos/los papeles del proceso/de la dirección/la
> información etc. de la tela en la cual este grupo podría después considerar
> y retroactuar?
> Toby
> Andy Carvin wrote:
> You're right that we should try to extend what we do beyond a few conference
> venues, but that's a longer term issue. First we need to form around the
> task at hand - an advisory group to help make sure that the interest of
> telecentres are represented in the WSIS process. That's the core of this
> group's mission, and all other activities we can do are icing on the cake.
> ac
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