[Telecentres] WGIG nominations have been submitted

Andy Carvin acarvin at edc.org
Tue Sep 28 21:03:15 BST 2004

Two minutes ago I submitted the following people for nomination to the WGIG:

Karin Delgadillo Poepsel (Ecuador), karin at chasquinet.org
Matyas Gaspar (Hungary), gaspar.matyas at axelero.hu
David Leeming (Solomon Islands), leeming at pipolfastaem.gov.sb
Taran Rampersad (Trinidad and Tobago), cnd at knowprose.com

Stuart Mathison was also nominated, but we did not receive 
acknowledgment from him in time, so I followed the recommendation of 
substituting David instead, since he said yes and is also in the Pacific 
region. As for Karin and Gaspar, <grin>, I hope both of you are 
interested, since your colleagues felt you'd be great candidates. If 
not, please let me know and we can easily retract your nomination.

Again, thanks to everyone for chiming in at the last minute; now that 
we're up and running, it should be much easier for us to participate in 
these processes more easily and without such an absurd time crunch.


Andy Carvin
Program Director
EDC Center for Media & Community
acarvin @ edc . org

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