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Taran Rampersad cnd at knowprose.com
Wed Sep 29 13:33:28 BST 2004

Contact Information:

Taran Rampersad
15 Lessy Street
San Fernando,
Trinidad, West Indies

Phone: (868)657-8389
Email: cnd at knowprose.com
Alternate email: taran at linuxgazette.com

Statement of Experience:

Mr. Rampersad

- Is involved with Caribbean ICT, including Cultural issues (CARDICIS)
and continued work relating to ICT infrastructure as it applies to
emergency situations. Telecenters form a major part of this work;
- Writes about issues related to Internet Governance on various websites
and participated in related email lists, and advocates solutions which
will assist the developing world;
- Is an Editor of 2 online magazines for Specialized Systems Consultants
(Linux Gazette.com, A42.com) and a voluntary contributor to
WorldChanging.com and the Wikipedia, as well as his own personal websites.
- Understands the present systems of the Internet at a technical level
(he is a software developer) and is well informed on legal issues
related to the Internet itself.
- Volunteers time when possible to assist in computer literacy
endeavours, and is therefore grounded in the community and the needs of
the community. As a former instructor at the University of the West
Indies School of Continuing Studies, is is also sensitized to the needs
of business.

Statement of Affiiliations:

Though an Editor of online magazines, the nature of the relationship of
the magazines with the public is not that of the Industry as much as
that of the Community - the online magazines are accessible at no cost
and are community driven. Therefore, Mr. Rampersad claims Civil Society
status. He participates in the Telecentre Caucus; the Latin American
Caucus; the WSIS Patent, Copyright and Trademark Office; and
participates in many other email lists related directly to Civil
Society. Taran Rampersad is American by birth, and a citizen of Trinidad
and Tobago by naturalization. He has spent the majority of his life in
Trinidad and Tobago (including his education), and resides there now.
English is, at present, his only language.

Personal Statement:

I understand that there will be a workload associated with the Working
Group, and readily volunteer my time and energy to the task.

> - A short statement about your caucus/working group. Include
> information about the group's background and history, membership
> (numbers), and achievements or other information you think relevant.
> Please give a URL for a website if you have one.

Last one left for the group. Now I have to go see about the schedule and
funding... fun, fun, fun.

Taran Rampersad

cnd at knowprose.com


" It requires greater courage to preserve inner freedom, to move on in one's inward journey into new realms, than to stand defiantly for outer freedom."— Rollo May 

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