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Andy Carvin acarvin at edc.org
Wed Sep 29 14:57:05 BST 2004

don't worry: I will write a quick summary about the working group; it 
will be faster this way and time is of the essence.


Taran Rampersad wrote:
> Contact Information:
> Taran Rampersad
> 15 Lessy Street
> San Fernando,
> Trinidad, West Indies
> Phone: (868)657-8389
> Email: cnd at knowprose.com
> Alternate email: taran at linuxgazette.com
> Statement of Experience:
> Mr. Rampersad
> - Is involved with Caribbean ICT, including Cultural issues (CARDICIS)
> and continued work relating to ICT infrastructure as it applies to
> emergency situations. Telecenters form a major part of this work;
> - Writes about issues related to Internet Governance on various websites
> and participated in related email lists, and advocates solutions which
> will assist the developing world;
> - Is an Editor of 2 online magazines for Specialized Systems Consultants
> (Linux Gazette.com, A42.com) and a voluntary contributor to
> WorldChanging.com and the Wikipedia, as well as his own personal websites.
> - Understands the present systems of the Internet at a technical level
> (he is a software developer) and is well informed on legal issues
> related to the Internet itself.
> - Volunteers time when possible to assist in computer literacy
> endeavours, and is therefore grounded in the community and the needs of
> the community. As a former instructor at the University of the West
> Indies School of Continuing Studies, is is also sensitized to the needs
> of business.
> Statement of Affiiliations:
> Though an Editor of online magazines, the nature of the relationship of
> the magazines with the public is not that of the Industry as much as
> that of the Community - the online magazines are accessible at no cost
> and are community driven. Therefore, Mr. Rampersad claims Civil Society
> status. He participates in the Telecentre Caucus; the Latin American
> Caucus; the WSIS Patent, Copyright and Trademark Office; and
> participates in many other email lists related directly to Civil
> Society. Taran Rampersad is American by birth, and a citizen of Trinidad
> and Tobago by naturalization. He has spent the majority of his life in
> Trinidad and Tobago (including his education), and resides there now.
> English is, at present, his only language.
> Personal Statement:
> I understand that there will be a workload associated with the Working
> Group, and readily volunteer my time and energy to the task.
>>- A short statement about your caucus/working group. Include
>>information about the group's background and history, membership
>>(numbers), and achievements or other information you think relevant.
>>Please give a URL for a website if you have one.
> ------------------
> Last one left for the group. Now I have to go see about the schedule and
> funding... fun, fun, fun.

Andy Carvin
Program Director
EDC Center for Media & Community
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