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Elizabeth Carll, PhD ecarll at optonline.net
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Dear All,

I was going to list broader areas to collect information from the various
telecentres represented in this working group, so that we can link it to
real life examples to highlight the diverse applications of telecentres.
However, as I am not familiar with all of the applications that are underway
in the various telecentres, I thought it best to list the table of contents
of the CS Declaration so as not to overlook any possibilities.

Therefore, please email to me or post the areas below that apply to work
being done in the telecentres with which you are affiliated.   It would also
be helpful to include a sentence or two specifically describing the
particular application to the content area.  If you need more information
about a particular area, please see the CS Declaration at

This will be helpful information to draft a paragraph that would connect
telecentres to the work of the various WSIS caucuses and working groups.
This would also, hopefully, gather support for collaborative lobbying to
have the importance of telecentres included in the outcome documents of WSIS

"Shaping Information Societies for Human Needs"
Civil Society Declaration to the World Summit on the Information Society


2.1 Social Justice and People-Centered Sustainable Development
2.1.1 Poverty Eradication
2.1.2 Global Citizenship
2.1.3 Gender Justice
	2.1.4 Importance of Youth
2.1.5 Access to Information and the Means of Communication
2.1.6 Access to Health Information
2.1.7 Basic Literacy
2.1.8 Development of Sustainable and Community-based ICT Solutions
2.1.9 Conflict Situations

2.2  Centrality of Human Rights 
2.2.1 Freedom of Expression
2.2.2 Right to Privacy
2.2.3 Right to Participate in Public Affairs
2.2.4 Workers' Rights
2.2.5 Rights of Indigenous Peoples
2.2.6 Women's Rights 
2.2.7 Rights of the Child
2.2.8 Rights of Persons with Disabilities
2.2.9 Regulation and the Rule of Law

2.3  Culture, Knowledge and Public Domain
2.3.1 Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Capacity Building and Education Language International Law and Regulation 
2.3.2 Media The Role of the Media Community Media
2.3.3 Public Domain of Global Knowledge Indigenous Peoples' Knowledge Copyright, Patents and Trademarks Software Research

2.4  Enabling Environment
2.4.1 Ethical Dimensions 
2.4.2 Democratic and Accountable Governance
2.4.3 Infrastructure and Access
2.4.4 Financing and Infrastructure
2.4.5 Human Development - Education and Training
2.4.6 Information Generation and Knowledge Development 
2.4.7 Global Governance of ICT and Communications



Dr. Elizabeth Carll
Focal Point
International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies;
Chair Media/ICT Working Group,
NGO Committee on Mental Health, New York
Tel: 1-631-754-2424
Fax: 1-631-754-5032
ecarll at optonline.net

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