[Telecentres] Re: telecentres Digest, Vol 1, Issue 43

Taran Rampersad cnd at knowprose.com
Thu Sep 30 03:25:38 BST 2004

Hakikur Rahman wrote:

> At 12:38 AM 9/30/04, Andy Carvin wrote:
> "community + knowledge production + learning + ICTs = telecentre"

I think...

"community+data+telecentre+ICTs = 'knowledge production, dissemination
and refinement'"

> Perhaps a better starting point as a base definition of telecentre,
> around which services, information dissemination, and knowledge
> networking should build up.
> Community-> services;
> Knowledge production-> knowledge network;
> Learning-> formal and non-formal;

Perhaps heuristic and/or heuristic with accreditation?

> ICTs-> information and content.

I'd rather: Community + ICTs ->Information and Content.

I view the telecenter itself as a network. At the center of the network
is the community. Extending from the center are the branches, such as
data, ICT and group focus. The outer aspects of these branches are
connected like a spider web - and that outer layer is the core of the
knowledge network. The interesting thing, I think, is that the center of
the telecentre is the community instead of the technology.... as someone
with a technology background, I think it may be non-intuitive to other
people with technology backgrounds.

Taran Rampersad

cnd at knowprose.com


" It requires greater courage to preserve inner freedom, to move on in one's inward journey into new realms, than to stand defiantly for outer freedom."— Rollo May 

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