[Telecentres] Basic Telecenter Items

Taran Rampersad cnd at knowprose.com
Thu Sep 30 02:05:51 BST 2004

Gopi Pradhan wrote:

> Hi all,
> while I agree with the definition, we should note that a telecenter is
> NOT only about computer and Internet. Before we attempt to define, it
> will be good to list down what an ideal telecenter should have.
> Let me start the list. 
> 1)     Computers connected to Internet, if possible with Open Software
> 2)     Telephones
> 3)     Fax machine
> 4)     Printer(s)
> 5)     Photocopy machine
> 6)     File cabinets
> 7)     Scanner
> 8)     Type writer
> 9)     UPS and electrical accessories
> 10)   Basic furnitures and stationaries
> 11)    Digital scanner (X-Ray Digitizer)
> 12)    CD Writer and blank CDs
> 13)    Television and VCR (if possible DVD as well as more materials
> are coming in digital formats)
> 14)    Digital camera (if possible a video camera as well for
> community functions or the like)
> 15)    Local Radio broadcasting station (only if posisble, mainly for
> announcements and prayers perhaps)
> 16)    Weighing machines for vegetables and grains
> 17)    Electronic tools to measure fat levels in milk
> 18)    Refrigerator (if stable electricity available)
> 19)    Portable generator with extra drum of fuel
> 20)    Spare wires, bulbs, fuses, and tool set.
> 21)    White Board, a small hall, and some basic training facilities
> 22)    Childrens' toys and games

23) Optional HAM Radio (Disaster/Emergency); one of the things I am
pursuing is that Hurricane shelters and such be Telecenters, so that
people are actually aware of where they are - and are familiar with the
equipment. HAM Radio fits in as well. This is separate from 15.

> I hope this helps to start the list.
> Gopi Pradhan

I'm getting some 'Do It Yourself' solar kits (It's something of a hobby,
and I wrote an article about it at WorldChanging.com...), and such
things may remove the need for dependancy on AC electricity. The
refrigerator could be solar powered... At present, I am tinkering with a
complete AC power supply replacement on a PC with solar energy (the real
problem is the monitor). So these are things that may make things
easier, and lower cost in the long term - as well as more dependable and
self sufficient.

Taran Rampersad

cnd at knowprose.com


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