[Telecentres] RE: [Telecentre's] Basic Telecentre Items

Don Cameron donc at internode.on.net
Thu Sep 30 19:23:13 BST 2004

>> one of the things I am pursuing is that Hurricane shelters and such be
Telecentre's, so that people are actually aware of where they are (snip).

Opposite ends of the emergency spectrum Taran however I have been advocating
for many years for the use of Telecentre's as EOC's (Emergency Operations
Centre's) for major Australian bushfires in rural and remote locations -
There is much synergy in the roles, equipment and skills of EOC's and
Telecentre's and sometimes duplication is unnecessary. Many of our
Telecentre's are equipped with UHF radio on emergency operating channels,
map and resource allocation boards, GPS equipment and other items essential
for the use of Emergency Planning or Logistics Teams - or even for the vital
function of providing communications continuity for the whole community.

I think the concept of compiling a list of items required by Telecentre's
has merit and the lists provided offer a good spread of generic items -
although in my experience equipment and software requirements do vary
considerably from Telecentre to Telecentre (and community to community).

Rgds, Don

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