[Telecentres] Introduction

klaus at chasquinet.org klaus at chasquinet.org
Thu Sep 30 12:51:06 BST 2004

Dear Friends

Greetings from Quito and sorry for the late introduction.

My name is Klaus Stoll and I am the President of the Chasquinet Foundation in 
Quito, Ecuador.

Chasquinet is an a private non-profit organisation in Ecuador dedicated 
to empowering grass-roots organisations, campesinos, minority groups and
impoverishing sectors in general through the promotion and use of the 
Internet. Chasquinet views the Internet as a tool that can be used to 
enable poor communities to improve their living standards, to help them 
voice out their opinions and demands and to create an impact on the 
crafting of social and economic policies that affect communities. Our 
work philosophy is one that priories gender, empowerment and equitity. 
We approach our work with a holistic philosophy that stresses personal 
growth and development to be crucial elements of organisations building 
and growth.

Chasquinet's Community Development Programme helps build a telecentre 
network in the region. A central goal of this programme is to develop a 
learning evaluation frameworks for telecentros and to collect stories 
that will ensure the knowlege sharing and knowlege management among 
telecentre in order to exert a greater impact on policies and events 
that shape their lives.



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