[Telecentres] Mali CLICS Final Report

Barbara Fillip bfillip at smtp.aed.org
Tue Dec 20 17:32:40 GMT 2005

Hello all,

The final report for the USAID funded Mali CLIC project is now
available on the DOT-COM web site. 
Here's a direct link to the PDF.  


Below is the table of contents for the report.

Executive Summary 
1. Background
1.1. Project Objectives 
1.2. Funding, Partners, Roles and Responsibilities
1.3. Timeline & Evolution of the Project

2. Results & Impacts
2.1. Sustainability 
2.1.1. Financial Sustainability
2.1.2. Human Capacity
2.1.3. Organizational Sustainability
2.1.4. Technical Sustainability

2.2.Analysis of Services Provided by the CLICs 
2.2.1. Services as a Percentage of Total Revenues Training as a Key
2.2.2. Content Collection & Utilization
2.2.3. Gender Impacts 

3.Concluding Thoughts 

I'd be happy to discuss the report's content.  Feel free to email me
directly at bfillip at aed.org.  

Best regards,

Barbara Fillip, Ph.D.
Evaluation & Communication Specialist
DOT-COM Alliance
(202) 884-8003

Academy for Educational Development (AED)
Center for Applied Technology

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