[Telecentres] Calling all telecentre enthusiasts, managers and users- telecentre.org wants to hear your stories on "our telecentre experiences"

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Thu Dec 22 00:24:24 GMT 2005

Next Featured Topic: "our telecentre experiences"

Calling all telecentre enthusiasts, managers and users  - telecentre.org 
wants to hear your telecentre stories!

Do any of these sound like you?

You manage, use, and dream about telecentres.
You've seen a telecentre grow from a tiny initiative into a community wonder.
You re involved with a network of telecentres which is evolving regionally 
or even nationally.
You ve helped a telecentre through rough years of financial uncertainty.
You ve learned how a network of telecentres can emerge and grow into other 
You have so many fond and bitter memories of experiences working with 

If so, we want you to share your stories!

We know that your telecentre and telecentre network stories are so 
captivating, valuable and empowering for others involved in the telecentre 
movement to hear. This is why we want you to speak up and share your 
experiences with the world! How? telecentre.org will be featuring your 
stories in our next featured topic called My telecentre experience.

To be included, please contribute your thoughts, experiences, stories on 
your telecentre or telecentre network by the 8th of January, 2006.

How can you contribute?

Well, there are three ways...

1. You can write a blog at http://www.telecentre.org Note, if you do not 
already have an account with us,  you register at 
http://www.telecentre.org/user/register Once you have registered and are 
logged in, you can write your blog entry at: 
http://www.telecentre.org/node/add/blog (Please note, you won't be able to 
write a blog entry unless you're registered and logged in).

Writing a blog entry at telecentre.org site is very easy it's like writing 
an online journal.  For more help with writing a blog entry, please visit 
our help document at: 
http://www.telecentre.org/support-pages/how-to-share-a-story If you still 
have questions, please feel free to write to us at kate at takingitglobal.org 
or psarker at idrc.ca or cbure at idrc.ca

2. You can share a picture and a description of your telecentre with us at:

Please provide some information in the description box, such as, what this 
picture is about, approximate date of picture taken, location and a brief 
description of the telecentre etc.

You can even send a picture by email! It s very simple. Just and attach 
your picture to an email message and put your photo s description as the 
email subject and send it to: theory65disk at photos.flickr.com  We'll take 
care of the rest.

Any problems? Please visit out HELP file 'how to add a picture' at" 
http://wsis.telecentre.org/how-to-add-a-picture and you can get step by 
step instruction there. You still can write to us at 
kate at takingitglobal.org or psarker at idrc.ca or cbure at idrc.ca, if you have 

3. You can literally speak up in your own voice and have that audio file 
podcasted at our site. How?

There are 2 simple ways.

A. You can call our Yahoo or Skype ID. If you're using YAHOO MESSENGER or 
SKYPE, please add our contact ID : telecentres_hotline at your list.

Once you add this contact, you can double click the contact (even if this 
is offline) and can click to CALL. After 4-5 rings, you will be connected 
to our voice mail box, where you can leave your story for us. In Yahoo you 
will get 2 minutes and in Skype you will get 10 minutes to record your 
voices but if you think this time limit is not sufficient, then please feel 
free to leave another message. Obviously you'd need a microphone to record 
your voices.

We'd strongly recommend that you give us a brief introduction of yourself, 
your location and the telecentre/network of telecentres that you'd be 
talking about. If you have problem, please write us at: 
kate at takingitglobal.org or psarker at idrc.ca or cbure at idrc.ca


B. You can simply record your voice in any audio device and can send it to 
us. You can use a microphone or any other recording tool to record your 
voices, save it and send it to us. You probably would need a software to 
capture your voice. Usually Windows system come with SOUND RECORDER but you 
can use any other audio editing software for that. For instructions on how 
to record your voice, please visit these resources (these are not our 
resources) on the web:


Best wishes and we look forward to hearing your interesting responses on 
your telecentre experiences!

telecentre.org team
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