[Telecentres] Proceedings of Community Informatics Research Network (2004) Conference Now Available

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Wed Feb 9 02:50:04 GMT 2005

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The Community Informatics Research Network (http://www.ciresearch.net ),
held its 2004 Inaugural Conference and Colloquium with the theme,
and Community Technology: What Does this Mean for Community
Informatics?', at the Monash Centre, Prato, Italy, 29 September - 1
October, 2004.  

Proceedings are now available for purchase.

The CIRN 2004 Prato Conference proceedings (ISBN 0-9581058-3-9) include
all the refereed and non-refereed papers from the academic,
practitioner, and PhD streams. 

There are 48 papers in the two volumes coming to more than 600 pages of
text and graphics, with contributions from many countries. The
Proceedings are an excellent resource for your organisation's research,
teaching, and practical activity in community informatics.

Additional information (including the table of contents, list of authors
and introduction) available at http://www.communities.org.ru/prato/

Proceedings CD:

In addition to the all the conference papers being reproduced as
bookmarked PDFs, the proceedings CD contains: 
-- MP3 sound files of the Conference Opening and keynotes from Don
Schauder, Laura Ripamonti, Erica Rosalen and Mike Gurstein, as well as
their accompanying powerpoints.
-- 200+ Prato photos taken by participants 
-- Inaugural Issue of the Journal of Community Informatics
-- CIRN Brochure
-- CIRN Cape Town 2005 Announcement.

Publishers of the book are the Centre for Community Networking Research,
School of Information Management & Systems Monash University and
Community Informatics Research Network, Inc.

The book has been desk-published in Russia by the Centre of Community
Networking and Information Policy Studies (CCNS). 

To order and purchase a copy of the proceedings please go to

As the number of copies printed is limited, you are encouraged to order
promptly. Priority will be given to e-payments via Paypal. If you have
not used Paypal before, please follow the instructions carefully, as
refunds will include an additional cost of transfer fees.

**** If you require a purchase order or are only able to pay by
international bank transfer, please contact cirn at optusnet.com.au as soon
as possible to expedite arrangements.***

The cost of the two volumes and CD is AUD 76 (approximately EUR45,USD58)
plus AUD 17 (approximately EUR10, USD 13) postage and handling per set.

Estimated surface mail times within Europe are two weeks, North America
four weeks, and up to two months for other countries. Current CIRN
members will receive a 10% discount on the volumes.

We invite you to purchase additional copies for your institution, and to
distribute the information below to colleagues. As there are only a
limited number of copies available for purchase, please encourage them
to do so quickly!

Best regards, 

Anna Petrova 

: Centre of Community Networking and Information Policy Studies (CCNS)
: St. Petersburg, Russia 
: http://www.communities.org.ru 

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