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Karin Delgadillo Poepsel karin at chasquinet.org
Wed Feb 9 23:32:48 GMT 2005

Dear Tracey,

I will be also in the Vancouver meeting on the 23th o february. I can 
explain more in detail how the community base telecentre members of 
somos en telecentre network are using strategically the telecentres to 
attend community  needs and demands and how the map their services. In 
fact you can see more information in english on 
www.tele-centros.org/tcparaque. Click English version. We also have a 
set of stories and practices in order to share tools and resources among 
the telecentres members of the network.

If you want to talk I am more than happy to support you.


Tracey Naughton wrote:

>Hello WSIS Telecentre People
>I have been involved in WSIS and will be at the PrepCom in Geneva this month
>from the 13th to 26th. I am hoping that some of you may be willing to be
>interviewed on Telecentres you are involved in, for a South African research
>project. If you would like to respond to the request below and are going to
>the PrepCom, I would be very grateful if you could say so on the list so I
>can book time with you.
>Here's the story:
>I am part of a team currently doing some research for a South African based
>donor which is considering putting funds and other resources into
>Part of my research is developing case studies of international models. I
>want to cover 5 Telecentres that have different sources of support. However
>I would like to find 5 that are set in social contexts where poverty and
>illiteracy are paramount. These will best inform the rural scenario here.
>I will attend the Telecentre meeting scheduled for the 23rd Feb, but I hope
>to speak to people in the week before that, if there are people present who
>could speak to me in more detail about telecentres that match the criteria.
>I am finding that much of what I can find on the net is overview and often
>does not reflect on problems that we would like to be aware of in southern
>If you will be at the PrepCom and willing, can you say so, and if you won't
>be there but would be willing to engage by email, please also let me know.
>Tracey Naughton
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