[Privsec] WSIS thematic meeting on Cybersecurity

karen banks karenb at gn.apc.org
Thu May 26 09:15:42 BST 2005

hi all

>attached find a draft programme of the planned ITU/WSIS meeting on 
>Cybersecurity, which our member Robert Guerra has been able to get from 
>the ITU staff.

well done robert, cerainly looks like an interesting meeting..

>As you can see, there are some speaking slots still open with onyl vague 
>criteria mentioned. If you know of anybody who would match these and more 
>or less agree with our issues, please let us know.

not many though, the spare slots are all allocatef to intergovernmental or 
international organisations.. clearly not much space for civil society 
voices here..

i hope bruce will be able to do a report for us? (he's not on this list is he?)


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