[Telecentres] AllAfrica.com article on NEPAD E-Schools

Andy Carvin acarvin at edc.org
Wed Sep 22 11:06:32 BST 2004

AllAfrica.com has an article today about NEPAD's E-Schools initiative, 
which will be connecting schools across Africa to the Internet. One of 
the things I find most interesting about the initiative is that they're 
also embracing public health as an aspect to the school-based 
telecentres, so students and community members alike will be able to go 
to the computer labs for health information and services.


ps- I wrote about the initiative on my blog while attending the ICT 
Stakeholders conference in Mauritius this past July:


Andy Carvin
Program Director
EDC Center for Media & Community
acarvin @ edc . org

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