[Telecentres] Important: WGIG nominations must be submittedbymidnight GMT

Andy Carvin acarvin at edc.org
Tue Sep 28 19:10:43 BST 2004

Actually, Taran is from the island of Trinidad and Tobago, so he could 
help represent island perspectives as well, even though T&T's pop is 
denser than your part of the world.

So far, we have three names that have all be nominated and seconded:

Taran Rampersad (Trinidad)
Matyas Gaspar (Hungary)
Karin Delgadillo (Uruguay)

We also now have a fourth name, Stuart Mathison, who has been nominated 
but not seconded. Do I hear a second?

Karin, Gaspar, Stuart, if you are online, _please_ contact me in the 
next 90 minutes so I know whether you are will to be considered for 
nomination, or if you'd like to remove your name from consideration.


Fuatai Purcell wrote:
> Andy, I think we shoul not select anyone who we have not heard from because
> we don't know if they will accept it or not.
> I recommend Stuart Mathison, programme manager of FDC who is organising the
> telecenter workshop for the Pacific to the WGIG. We do not have telecentres
> in the Pacific yet, other than the PFNet in the Solomon Islands. It is very
> important that we include someone to represent the small island developing
> states. After all, telecentres will be one strong ICT initiative that can
> help bridge the digital divide in our countries that are made up of hundreds
> of smaller islands. I have no objection to the nominated people so far. But
> it sounds to me that while they are experienced in telecentres etc. they are
> all from the "highly populated" developing countries. The digital divide
> cannot be bridged if small island developing states continue to sit on the
> sidelines. There telecentre issues that are unique to small island
> developing states. Thanks
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>>Given the fact we're extremely short on time, and also that the
>>likelihood of any of our candidates being picked is modest at best, I
>>would be comfortable submitting Gaspar, Karin and Taran, all of whom I
>>think would represent our interests quite well. My one concern is that
>>we have not heard from either Gaspar or Karin, and I fear they may not
>>come online before it is too late. Perhaps what we could do is this: I
>>could contact the coordinator of the process, and see if it would be
>>alright to offer their names tentatively, and explain that we are a
>>brand new working group and only got the notice at the last minute, so
>>we're still waiting to hear from Gaspar and Karin to confirm their
>>interest. That way, we can throw their names into the hat rather than
>>miss the hat entirely, but have the option to withdraw their names if
>>they decline the nomination.
>>Would anyone have any objections to this? Or a better idea? Time is
>>running very short...
>>Don Cameron wrote:
>>>We are probably already beaten by the short deadline however great to
> see a
>>>few nominations for the Working Group for Internet Governance (as
> limited as
>>>this definition may be) - Matyas Gaspar is widely known in Telecentre
>>>circles as a person of empathy and understanding of the challenges we
> face
>>>and I willingly support the nomination. Karin is unknown to me however
> the
>>>great work of Chasquinet would certainly support nomination as someone
>>>representative of the aims and objectives of the Telecentre Working
> Group.
>>>Rgds, Don
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