[Telecentres] Important: WGIG nominations must besubmittedbymidnight GMT

Angelica Abdallah aabdallah at aat-ar.org
Wed Sep 29 12:49:35 BST 2004

Dear all, Dear Gaspar
In my humble opinion starting from this interest that you manifest at the
end of your message and of your work to the front of the net of telecentros
of Hungary, you are in condition of making a very good work in the area
telecentros. It has been a pleasure to be in this space, next to other
friends with those that we collaborate in common activities inside the net
somos en telecentros.
I trust your administration fully.
And for the language, you have already checked that it is not my strong one
: -)
However I'm sure that our common objectives will be able to save that

best regards
Angelica Abdallah
Asociación Argentina de Teletrabajo
Miembro de la Red somos en telecentros
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> Dear All,
> Nominating me to represent the world telecentre movement is a great
> recognition of my work in our region. Thanks. I'm quiet and waiting with
> the respond because I don't see what this work/mission means in
> practice, whether my different skills, are good for that, or not. First,
> serving in such position, I'm afraid, my English is not good enough (my
> native language is Hungarian, and the second, close to the native is
> Russian, English is my so called "woking" languge. The other thing is,
> my position at this moment is a telecentre volunteer, parallely with my
> loved telecentre "hobby" as the EUTA president and expert, I've to work
> also for money for living (teaching at Budapest Economy College,
> consulting the Hungarian Ministry of Informatics, city governments, and
> also UNDP in community informatics missions). So, of course, it will be
> great honor for me to work in this mission, I think I have good
> experience for that, but to give a responsible answer(yes or no), I
> simply doesn't see the whole picture, how this affects my life. But, if
> you think - despite this - I'm the "solution", let's go further, I'm not
> against, please help me to clarify, wether my conditions are real
> constrains. If not, I'm ready to work with this group and future
> organisation on my "right place". My basic interest is to create a
> world-wide multicultural community telecentre network, without borders,
> based on some shared values (community, solidarity, knowledge, equal
> opportunity and some others).
> Matyas Gaspar

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