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Gopi Pradhan gopi at apdip.net
Thu Sep 30 17:41:43 BST 2004

Andy and all,

On the issue of Basic Telecenter Items, let us compile the whole list at the 
As Don said, and I agree that the list would depend from one type of 
telecentre to another. But a long list would certainly enable us to 
visualize a typical community telecenter.
If allowed by decency, I would even add some "rat traps"?


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>>> one of the things I am pursuing is that Hurricane shelters and such be
> Telecentre's, so that people are actually aware of where they are (snip).
> Opposite ends of the emergency spectrum Taran however I have been 
> advocating
> for many years for the use of Telecentre's as EOC's (Emergency Operations
> Centre's) for major Australian bushfires in rural and remote locations -
> There is much synergy in the roles, equipment and skills of EOC's and
> Telecentre's and sometimes duplication is unnecessary. Many of our
> Telecentre's are equipped with UHF radio on emergency operating channels,
> map and resource allocation boards, GPS equipment and other items 
> essential
> for the use of Emergency Planning or Logistics Teams - or even for the 
> vital
> function of providing communications continuity for the whole community.
> I think the concept of compiling a list of items required by Telecentre's
> has merit and the lists provided offer a good spread of generic items -
> although in my experience equipment and software requirements do vary
> considerably from Telecentre to Telecentre (and community to community).
> Rgds, Don
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