[Telecentres] Empowerment and rural telecenters - help needed

Marco Figueiredo mafigueiredo at loyola.edu
Thu Apr 20 10:14:38 BST 2006

The Gems of the Earth Telecenter Network (www.gemasdaterra.org.br)
is a rural telecenter project going on in Brazil since 2001. There has been 
two masters thesis works done about the project by students of the Federal 
University of Minas Gerais. A paper is being published at the ICTD2006 conference.

You are welcome to collaborate with us. I started the project while living
in one of the communities for a year and a half. I also wrote
a rural telecenter manual in portuguese. I am now based at the Loyola
Center for Community Informatics in Columbia, Maryland.

Marco Figueiredo (mafigueiredo at loyola.edu)

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Sun, 12 Mar 2006 06:07:01 -0800

Dear all,

I am planning my master's thesis on telecenters and empowerment, and would
like to conduct a field study according to some existing framework (maybe
using Alternative Evaluation Framework by Björn Sören Gigler). My question
would be whether there are (appropriate) telecenter research programs
going on especially somewhere in South America? By appropriate I mean
ongoing or starting field research programs which could be worth asking
for help or the possibility to collaborate with this issue.

Thank you a lot.

Best greetings,
Jussi Savolainen

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